Sink or Swim

$ 21.00

S I N K -OR- S W I M

When Christ asked Peter to walk on water he was fine until he lost focus on Christ. He was scared by the wind and he started to sink.
In life, you cannot let the wind distract you. The wind comes along to drive our focus ‘out of focus’.

The wind is anything that causes you to take your eyes off of HIM. There are lots of things that can do this. Money... Clothes... Social Media... People... Popularity...

When was the last time you stepped out of your boat? When was the last time you went out on a limb for something that you wanted? When was the last time you stepped out on faith in HIM?

He will enable you to “walk on water” and not be distracted by the “wind”.

If we don’t learn how to S.W.I.M. (See What It Means), then we run the risk that we might S.I.N.K. (Step In Not Knowing).