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Personally Styled by ThePinkBou

The Pink Boutique specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories for women of all shapes and sizes.

What is P.S. by ThePinkBou?

Personally Styled by the ThePinkBou typically advises individuals on being stylish for their particular occasion/event/outing for example, new or different fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, hairstyles, and make-up. We're concerned with the individual rather than a particular fashion brand.

What to expect?

Once you have made the decision to be P.S. by ThePinkBou we'll start by centering our attention around you and how you're going to make a statement at your event or for your outing. There will be fashion boards made to gage your interests and likes. You will have a personal hairstylist and MUA to complete your look.  

What is included in the P.S. by ThePinkBou?

There's a team involved to make your look complete... This means from head to toe (Hairstyle, Make-Up, and Clothing)...

When should I ask to be styled?

In an effort to make sure that your order(s) are received in time and to make sure that there aren't any expedited fees incurred we ask that you start being Personally Styled by ThePinkBou at least 2-3 weeks before your event or outing.


Make sure that you're personally styled by ThePinkBou for your next event or outing...